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Godzilla Command Center - Godzilla Official Fansite
Godzilla Command Center - Godzilla Official Fansite
Hello! Hi, Godzilla fans or those like me who every thing they draw looks like a 300 foot lizard, anyway more stories later if there is one... Godzilla might attack! Just kidding America is safe, anyway I welcome you to join and have fun loads of fun.

Anyway bye hope you enjoy this site . Bye!
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Series an epicly beast series where you read about how Godzilla pwns and takes the lunch money from kaiju, aliens, JSDF, & the USAF.
Create a monster create monsters for fun. You can battle them and maybe they'll get into my series.
Pics central cool Gojira & friends/foes pix.
Monsters kaiju fact files & data. Not just statistics but some pix 2!

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